Online Personalisation that's Fast and Easy with No Invasive Tracking

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Personalisation lets you present a targeted version of your site to each visitor based upon their behaviour.
Featherback can display custom content or messages to help your visitors find what they need - faster.

Super Lightning Fast

Unlike other services, we don't need to send visitor data up to a server on every page view, so personalised content loads super fast.

With Featherback there's no awkward render lag and no huge data downloads, just smooth browsing, all the way.

Really Easy to Use

Simply add the service code to your site template, write a few targeted messages, flick a couple of switches and away you go!

Featherback makes it that easy to give your visitors a personal online experience.

No Invasive Tracking

Your visitors' personal data never leaves their device - ever. So data can't be sold, privacy can't be violated and trust won't be lost.

Through Featherback your customers get a great online experience, with no hassle.

How it Works

Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn't. Here's why.

All other personalisation platforms work like this. Every time a visitor views a page on a site, a copy of their browsing information is sent to a server and stored in a database. There it is collated with data from all their other page views in a huge profile. Then the data is mined and the server decides what content should be displayed for this visitor. Finally the server builds the page and sends it back. All this time, the poor, busy, visitor is waiting for the page to load. This happens for every visitor, for every page view, every time. This is slow and frustrating.

Featherback is different.

Featherback only stores visitors' data on their device. The personalisation rules for your site are fetched once, at the start of the session. As they move through the site these rules are applied to the visitors' data to decide which personalised content they should see, then fetches only what it needs. If it already has a local copy of the content, no further web requests are needed.

Visitors get a fast, safe, personalised experience of your site.

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